Sunday, 10 July 2011

Been A While

Some days you can never think of things to say, I have had months like that. I come up with brilliant ideas but they are gone in a flash when i come to write them down. I guess i have been experiencing writers block, or i have been too lazy to write anything.
Well what have i been up to?
I have had a trip to see the kids in cornwall. Took me 12 hours on the bus via London Victoria then onwards onto Penzance. I rode shotgun all the way in the front seat with loads of room to stretch out in front of me. I spent four days with the kids. They showed me the local sites and how they are getting on in life down there. Connor is into Gigg rowing, computers, warhammer , and Pacman. Victoria is enjoying being a fashion staement and guides. Thomas loves lego, playstation and sticking up for himself. They are doing very well without me (it hurts me say) and are all looking forward to new things each day. We went to flambards and roskillies ice cream factory which were a pleasure to visit with the kids. But the time soon came round to come home and a 12 hour trip home.
Work has been hectic with a manger leaving and having huge gaps in management cover ive been either at work or chilling out.
My wrist is feeling better after another rollerblading accident in which i chipped the bone. I now seem to have more movement back into it so may be able to start my fitness regime going. Cycling has been put out of the window due to my wrist. So it may all be good again soon.
Today I travelled into London and explored the depths of Sci-fi and comics. Something i have not done in a long while (apart from watching films and tv) and i really enjoyed myself . I got glimpses of sci-fi heroes as i wandered around. All the usual guests were there from star wars and a few from some really cool films which hold a special place in my heart. I somehow found myself in a memrabillia auction. Sitting watching people bidding on signed photos and other odds and ends, i suddenly felt the urge to bid. An Elizabeth Sladen autograph came up for auction and at ten pounds my hand shot up to bid. Ignored by the auctioneer the price rose higher and the item escaped my grasp.
Then a few items again my arm shot up in excitement....again ignored I missed the item. I decided to cross my arms to prevent me doing it again, but I spied an item. A signed Peter Davison Doctor. We all have our Doctor, well those who watch it, the one that you watched all the time, the one you wanted to be. This was the Doctor i wanted to be when I was at school (and yes played at play time (I was young and shy)).  So, I was in with an opening bid of £5.00 expecting to be outbid straight away, I was ready with my second bid £15.00. Thinking I was going to be out bid I was ready with another bid. After all this was my Doctor everyone would want him....but no bid came, the room stayed silent and to my shock I had won. My Doctor would be mine, the helper brought my autograph over and I couldn't stop my hands shaking as I took the notes from my wallet. Grinning like a priced idiot I clutched my photo he was mine! But the bug had hit me. After a few more items sold they came out with a 2 photo offer Elizabeth Sladen and Nicolas Courtney both long standing Doctor Who assistants and both who unfortnately passed away this year. Both autographs had both gone for £25.00 each and I had been ignored on one. I won again at £25.00 for the pair and this was startling realisation that after paying I needed to get out the room before I bought some ewok slippers or R2D2's shoe laces. I practicly ran from the room back into the dealers room. After a brief wander round thinking i spent too much I discovered the 2 assistants photos for £45.00 each. So I felt like I won double and once again I was grinning like an Idiot.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The final hours of 39 are apon me!

OH GOD it's nearly here the last hour and half of my thirties and I don't feel any different than any other birthdays. Thank god! Apparently 40's are the new 30's but i think that the people who are nearly 50 spreading rumours. Anyway I'm meeting up with some old friends tomorrow for a curry and a beer.

I'm currently trying out Lovefilm to see how it goes and its occasionally cool to watch a film before I buy it. They have sent me Salt with Angelina Jolie to start off with. I will see how it goes over the next few days, depends on what frame of mind i'm in.

Today I rearranged two walls of lego product in store to show of the new lines and it looks damn good if I say so myself. It's like working a Lego kit anyway as the boxes are different sizes and shapes but on a larger scale, its all good. Lego is so still good after all these years, I use to build all sorts out of it. If I didn't have a toy I would build it out of Lego. I always wanted a Landspeeder for my Star Wars figures and never had one so I built one. I wanted a Battle of the Planets Phoenix spaceship I made it out of Lego. The possibilities were endless and it was always fun. Last year I bought a Lego star wars X-wing because I fancied building a model , a year later my room has exploded with various Lego Star wars models. I never intended to get so many but once you start you can't stop. Then the Lego people released a range of their mini figures as a collectible series. 16 to collect in the series, it then came a challenge to find them all. Soon everyone was on the band wagon and the figures sold very quickly and they then had to get more out. 3 series have been released so far with some fun characters in them. Lots of people of all ages are after them and many of my friends collect them too (we are a sad bunch).

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Day 3 No film watched today I fell asleep!

Well a pretty uneventful day was had by me....makes a change. No customers threatening me or any hassle so all is good.
I decided to watch The Mummy last night but dozed on and off through out it. Not because I was bored just tired. So I'm picking the film up from where I dozed off the first time. I've seen it several times already so I know I like it. I managed to trade in some old DVD's for all three Mummy blurays which i thought was good.

MY birthday is rapidly approaching and I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone. Don't know who is coming to the pub for a curry and a beer but will welcome all. Asked some old friends new friends and even my brother so who knows.

It's funny as you get older you look back at your life and think about how good you had it, and when your younger you look forward as you think you are having it so bad. You look back at your life and think about the things you have done and could of done. Look at the mistakes you made some big some small. But the most important thing to remember is how we learn from the mistakes and move on and not dwell on the what ifs and the maybes. I know I've made mistakes and they have made me a stronger person.

Wow serious stuff today lol, getting deep and meaningful. Must be my age. I hope to hear from the kids on Thursday but that may be stretching it a bit far.

One of my other passions is my playstation 3, I've had it since the second day of release and I have never been happier. The joys of Motorstorm and Resistance soon excited me and these games I often return to. I've tried to promote the Ps3 to all my friends because it is that good. I often put down the x-box but to be honest they are both excellent consoles and I really do not like the controller which is my only issue apart from having to pay for online gaming. I do like a good game and over the years the PS3 has taken me on many adventures from tombs to alien worlds. From the fun games like Little Big Planet and the horrors of Resident Evil. Games come and go but the PS3 never fails to deliver the thrills of gaming. And there is always Singstar which always gets my singing in my room with friends and even in a crowded shop. It makes me laugh and is always good clean fun. And now they have added Dance I can make a bigger fool of myself with the Move controller (I look so gay bopping to girls wanna have fun). By the way I must say at this point I can not sing for toffee.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Day 2 Valentine's day

What a great way to enjoy the day by going back to work. But i did receive a lovely card, some chocolates and a teddy bear (Glenn you spoil me) from my lovely girlfriend. I gave her some roses and got her a card so I was a good boy. First day back and I've already had to lose a day off this week as another manager has gone sick, this has put me on lates every night this week till saturday. Ah well!
With the excitement of going back to work and valentine's day I could not sleep so it was time to watch a film I purchased earlier at the weekend. So I sat down or lay down to watch 30 days of night: Dark Days.
This is the sequel to you guessed it 30 days of Night, a film I quite enjoyed with its portrayal of Vampires as soulless blood suckers hell bent on a feeding frenzy in an isolated Alaskan town during a 30 day period of darkness.
The sequel lacked the budget of the first and you could tell from the lack of the original cast. The vampires in this film were not as brutal as they were in the first but they made up with a good story based on the second graphic novel. Stella has been travelling the U.S making people aware of vampires but she has been ridiculed along the way and the story opens up with a few vampires coming to see her show. The film is well paced and holds no bars with the violence, vampires are dispatched in many blood thirsty ways. Even though the film lacked what the first film had I enjoyed it to the end.(At least the vampires did vampire stuff like killing people, non of that twilight lovey dovey malarkey.) As low budget sequels go this is a good one and worth a watch if you like a horror, if you don't go back to twilight the only horror is the film.

One of my passions, okay my main passion is comics and over the years i have been known to by the odd one now and then. Over the years many have been transferred to the big screen some successfully others ruined. Comics (or Graphic Novels comics for big boys scared to say they are comics) can make good movies and there are a few more coming this year. We have Thor and Captain America (third time lucky) coming to the cinema which are all ahead of next years proposed Avengers film. Comic films are here to stay for the moment we take the rough with the smooth.....make way for Howard The Duck I feel its time for a remake.

Sunday, 13 February 2011


I'm all excited my new blog is up and running and I have a follower already.
What brought this blog on? approaching 40 very quickly and being a prat to my friends, I thought I'd best get some ideas in print about feelings and moods. Do not take all these views seriously they are my own and I'm sharing them with who ever wants to read them. And I may change my mind. As I often do given a valid arguement or a large amount of beer.
I've recently got back from a Butlins Weekend. This was a weekend filled with drink, dancing and 80's music.I went into the weekend worried came out of it wanting more. Fun was had by all. I had my hair fondled, checked out by Wonder Woman and shot then kissed by my attacker....what more could you want. Keith Harris and Orville!

First day of a new blog

Well this is a first for a long time, the start of a new blog. After a weekend of going slightly mental with myself appearing as a complete idiot, I decided a blog would be a good way to get things down and a way to look at life.It also is a great change for me to write about films I've just watched and give them a review. But the way my mind works who knows.

As you can see i watched Prince of Persia, which after watching in 2 sections i found i Quite enjoyed it. It was typical runaround Indiana Jones style clone but a good one. I heard that it was all CGI but i didn't notice it too much , apart from on the snakes. I would recommend switching of the brain and just enjoy a good nonsense film.

Tonight i watched this beast of a film. Galaxy of Terror, a film I watched under the recommendation of a friend. What can I say about. It was as I remember a terrfiying film but in the fact that its made it to bluray. It made no sense at all, the plot was lost along the way and had some pretty odd ideas in it. Jst watch out for the maggot growing huge then it looks like it strips and rapes a female crew member. The film has an early appearance by Robert Englund (Freddy Krugar) and its one saving grace for me was i did not buy it!